Sun 28 July  - Sat 3 Aug 2019

On Saturday 3rd August 2019, Founder and MND Warrior Alex Gibson completed the epic 321 Challenge, accompanied by up to 50 of his close friends and family.

The National Three Peaks Challenge is an event in which participants attempt to climb the highest mountains of England, Scotland and Wales within 24 hours.

  • Ben Nevis / Beinn Nibheis (1,345 m or 4,413 ft), the highest mountain in Scotland

  • Scafell Pike (978 m or 3,209 ft), the highest mountain in England

  • Snowdon / Yr Wyddfa (1,085 m or 3,560 ft), the highest mountain in Wales

The total distance walked is estimated at 42 kilometres (26 miles), with a total ascent of 9,800 feet (3,000 m).

Alex set a goal to not only climb the three peaks but also cycle the distance between them, an estimated 800 kilometres (500 miles). A core team of 15 participants completed the challenge over the course of 7 days with supporters .

This is a challenge of epic proportions for any athlete, let alone someone suffering from the debilitating effects of Motor Neurone Disease. Read on for more information from Alex and the team of 321 Challengers.



It’s a real honour to be smashing out this epic challenge with such a close group of friends!

From a personal point of view this challenge will be very tough with MND. It will be my equivalent of scaling Mount Everest and one in which I am unbelievably excited about and so looking forward to. It will be a fantastic adventure and a battle to complete but one in which I am so keen to smash out and prove that life can throw some bad stuff your way but it’s how you react and adapt that is key. Robustness and adaptability are two of my best friends. I know that the dogged determination and the grit I have always shown will put me in a great position to make this challenge possible.

Alex Gibson - Founder



This amazing group of people will be joining Alex on this epic challenge! Please support us by helping them reach their fundraising goals using the links provided.

Through our love of rugby I’ve known Alex for many years, and whilst we both share a passion for health and fitness, at 48 years old I thought my days of doing challenges were long gone.

Then Gibbo asks you the question ‘what’s stopping you from taking part?’ - you have a really good think about giving a suitable answer and then you realise there’s nothing stopping you - literally #InspiredByGibbo

I am massively excited to take part in this challenge and raise money for our great charity, Challenging MND.

My brother Alex has always been my role model throughout my life, as anything he sets himself he has always achieved it. He is the most dedicated and determined person I have ever met. In life you only get one opportunity so you might as well enjoy those things that make you happy.

When this challenge came about I thought that if my brother is doing it with all the problems he has, then there is no excuse why I can't do it.  Plus the experience of sharing this challenge with such a great group of friends and for such a worthy charity, it was an opportunity not to miss.

I've known Alex since 2008, by going to his Circuits class at Bannatyne's. 2012 was when I raised the bar and had the pleasure, and pain, of his PT sessions. I have also been on numerous climbing breaks, which has enabled me to see in greater depth what a  wonderful and inspirational person he truly is.

Alex is such an inspiration that i felt i must help in raising awareness and funds for this great cause.

I met Alex at my sons 5th birthday party, and following on from there we started training together! Alex never fails to inspire me and I’m honored to be a part of the 321 challenge with him.

Alex and I shared the rugby field together as team mates at Brentwood Rugby Club and there wasn’t anything stopping me from joining him on this 3,2,1 challenge.

We all need someone who inspires us to be and do better than we know how -  Alex is that man. Inspired by the standards he has always set himself and others around him, his commitment, determination in adversity and vision for his charity. I take on this challenge to raise awareness of MND, Alex’s charity Challenging MND but most importantly I want this incredible human being to build his legacy.

Can’t wait to be part of this memorable experience with the group! #InspiredbyGibbo


Alex will remember me from when he took over training at Brentwood RFC, probably why such an Old B was even there. Obviously I remembered him for the same reasons, mainly for the tasks he used to set us. He was an inspiring centre (and occasionally when required also a utility player). We have spoken over the past years about participating in one of his ventures and as a late entry it was strongly recommend that the cycling should be ruled out as the only practice I had was to the rugby club and occasionally back again! Still if any one needs a rest, I'm there, as long as I can reach the pedals. Alex and the team have achieved a magnificent amount for the charity to date with further challenges ahead and it is really great that he is supported by so many friends. Finally, I wish to thank Alex & Andy for welcoming me on board despite their anxieties over my lack of preparation.

I've known Alex Gibson since 2016, when I moved to the London office for a year. Before I learned his name, I used to refer to him as a "man without a chair", as he would be standing for eight hours straight in the office. Having a standing desk myself (and not standing for even half of that time), it was quite clear what kind of lifestyle Alex prefers. His stories about different challenges and adventures inspired me to climb Kilimanjaro in 2018. Next big challenge: Challenge 321!

I’ve known Alex since school. What stands out about Alex is his focus, determination and passion for what he does.

It’s been a pleasure getting to know Alex over the last couple of years. He’s an inspiration to me and to everyone who is lucky enough to meet him and I can’t wait for the challenge.

Alex has been part of my rugby and fitness life for over 15 years now. I've known him as a decathlete as well as rugby 7s and have been training with him in our city gym for decades. We used to work together at BRIT but kept in touch when he moved on. He’s a tough nut, loves the graft and the rewards from it. We've always pushed each other to do better, to go further, to live life to the full; so when he came up with the idea of doing this challenge together to help build a legacy, i had to do it. The hills are my thing, cycling isn’t... Bring on the 3,2,1!! Carpe diem!

I've known Alex since I was about 16 years old. He always inspired me as a young man, with his physical attributes and healthy living. Nothing but 100% will do with anything he takes on in life. This will be my second challenge with him and it will be an honor to take part in this 321 Challenge along side a man of his calibre.

I am taking part in the 321 Challenge to raise funds for Challenging MND. Please hit the button below to pledge your support!

I've known Alex for about 5-6 years since we were working together in Strategic Finance. When not working, we would talk about all the extreme challenges that Alex would participate in and that got me wanting to match his enthusiasm and determination in completing something extreme and thus it has come down to this amazing 321 challenge which will give me an opportunity to stand side by side with Alex; to spend some time away from the office with a true gentleman and most importantly to raise awareness of Alex's wonderful charity. Bring it on!!!

I've known Alex Gibson since 2004 we started off as training partners competing in Decathlons, however our common bond is a lifestyle of health and fitness and a determined outlook no matter how hard the challenges that we faced as athletes. Alex a former international decathlete epitomises health and fitness, dedicating himself 100% to a clean lifestyle.

I’ve known Alex (Gibbo) for many years now. He’s one of the most focused, driven and positive people I have met. Witnessing him tackle MND head on has truly been inspirational. 

Despite my apprehension around taking on this challenge (for obvious reasons), when in doubt I just think what would Alex say - probably something along the lines of “man up, keep going and enjoy it”. 

It’s going to be an absolute honor to join on him on this adventure.


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