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Challenging MND Newsletter Jan 2021

Updated: Jan 15

Welcome to our first quarterly newsletter which will keep you up-to-date with what our beneficiaries are getting up to; upcoming events; and an insight into Alex’s motivations and how he deals with his MND.

Like so many other charities, the Covid pandemic has had a massive influence on how the charity worked last year. Our goal of providing memorable days for our beneficiaries was severely hampered by the need for self-isolating and shielding.

However, we battled on, tried to think ‘out of the box’ and not let it defeat our attempts of helping as many people as we could.

Offering 6 months of Netflix was one of our ‘different’ ideas which I’m pleased to say was very well received by a number of beneficiaries during the first lockdown; and who could ever forget Natalie Shaw’s amazing day taking a Pedalo the length of the Chelmer River.

Amongst other things, we have also managed to present beneficiaries with: hot air balloon rides; passenger track days; an iPad to assist with their speech app; and even a weekend away at a Gin Distillery!

As soon this lockdown is out of the way we will hope to bring you pictures of all these events and show the true impact of what our wonderful fundraisers have contributed to.

Speaking of fundraisers - there are not enough words for how proud and grateful we are to every single person who has raised money for us, or given up their time to help with our events or running of the charity. Without you we just could not exist – THANK YOU!

My last word must of course go to Gibbo. It’s been said many times on how inspiring Alex is, but to see his positivity in a time when it is sorely needed across the globe, really is something that we should take note of.

When Alex says the immortal words “why can’t we do this”, people are moved to do extraordinary things. Outrageous challenges such as walking 52 miles in 25 hours; lifting 1 million kilograms in 24 hours; and his incredible achievement of averaging 17,000 steps for over 500 consecutive days – all seem to be out of reach challenges for able bodied people, let alone someone living with MND - but achieve it he does!!

I appeal to you all, take just a piece of this inspirational “can do” mind-set and see where it can be added to you and your family’s daily life. It will enrich your lives and help get you through these unprecedented difficult times.

Be safe everyone.

Best wishes,

Andrew Cappaert


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